Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose a Tutoring Centre?

Why choose a  tutoring centre as opposed to a private tutor who comes to your house?
  1. In a centre, children gain a sense of purpose from children around them
  2. The tutor does not hover over them but allows some independent work whilst at the same time being there for support.
  3. Students more quickly become independent learners if shown what to do and then to be given space to do it on their own.
  4. Learning Centres have valuable teaching resources readily at hand.
  5. Students feel less isolated and provide motivation for each other in a group situation

Why Choose Bury Tuition Centre Centres versus Other National Tuition Organisations?

Bury Tuition Centre in the UK is owned and run by a fully qualified teacher, a member of the General Teaching Council and hold full CRB certificates.

Every tutor employed within our centres must also be a fully qualified and experienced teacher and we have background CRB checks performed on all tutors.

The other main national organisations are in the main not run by qualified teachers and employ "instructors" to oversee childrens' tuition, Therefore always ask to see teaching credentials.

We have exclusive written and online computer resources designed by teachers for Bury Tuition Centre which are not available anywhere else. Resources are used by teachers to compliment our tuition - never replace it.

Every child follows their own individual learning programme and every lesson includes one-to-one teaching.

Our students are never left to complete endless worksheets or computer exercises. Whilst this method may help some children, for example, those learning their times tables, this in our opinion is not teaching.

How do other organisations assess children academically if they are not teachers? At Bury Tuition Centre, we are all experienced local teachers and have a thorough knowledge of the local school curriculum.

From our FREE educational assessment, can identify areas of weakness, gaps in learning and prepare a lesson plan tailored to help each child fulfill their academic potential.

Homework is provided and every student must complete this on their own without parental help. This is an important part of the process and completed homework can help us gauge how a student is progressing.

Our lessons are for 80 minutes as opposed to an hour. We feel that this is the optimum lesson time for most children and gives teachers adequate time to teach and then go over lesson plans and goals.

When comparing costs of tuition, please take this into account. At Bury Tuition Centre, our current fee is £25 per session but this is for 80 minutes and not 60.

Why Choose a Private Tutor?

There are many private tutors who list their services as a tutor and will come to your house to tutor. This may be beneficial for some children who are shy or easily distracted and this suits your personal circumstances. Make sure you interview the tutor and these are some points that you should take into account:
▪ Tutors do not have to be qualified teachers to advertise as a tutor. Anyone can offer tuition. Make sure you check teaching qualifications and experience. Like teaching, tutoring is a professional skill. A good tutor will use resources to assist in their teaching methods but never replace teaching.
▪ Not all qualified teachers are great tutors and some tutors who are unqualified can provide great tuition. Whoever you choose, make sure you have confidence in their abilities and ask for references.
▪ How will the tutor assess your child? Are they fully aware of the local school curriculum and how to accurately determine your child's working level for a subject?
▪ What resources will they use to tutor your child?
▪ As this person will be in your home and often left alone with your child, please ask to see a copy of a current CRB certificate to ensure that your child is in safe hands.
▪ Ask for regular feedback on your child's progress.

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Alternatively, please call myself, Shazia Tahir, on 0161 797 7707 to discuss any aspect of your child's education.


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