What We Offer

What kind of student needs the services of Bury Tuition Centre?

Children come to Bury Tuition Centre for a variety of reasons, whether it be to improve a grade or receive further extension and challenges.
Each situation is different and that is why our bespoke, individual learning programmes are specifically created to make sure those needs are met.
A typical student may come for for the following reasons:-
  • High School or Primary school students who are having difficulty in elements of English such as reading, writing or spelling.
  • Students who are having difficulty in mathematics.
  • Students who want to prepare for entry tests and 11+.
  • GCSE and SAT exam students in Maths, Science and English.
  • Students who are aiming for A* grades.
  • Students who need help in A-LEVEL Chemistry, Mathematics and English.

High-Class Written and Computer Centered Resources

In addition to the teaching experience that we have, we at Bury Tuition Centre use exclusive materials and computer based learning programs which are designed by highly professional teachers for us and follow the teaching methodologies of the Bury Tuition Centre.


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